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How to face them?
Rabu, 30 Oktober 2013 - Permalink - 0 Comments
Oke.Gimme 10 minutes (or less than that) for these bit opinions.I always read a few books of motivate and most of book I was read is all about depressed ,stress, an emotional oke don't judge,please.It's because,heyy you will say that girls are more emotional than guys,yes YOU WILL!So,to avoid to be like what people said ,"depression is the silent killer" so I read all of motivate books so that I can cure myself .But things more trouble when you'll face with the person that are in depressed ,stress and so on.Imagine,on that time you are in trouble ,you're stress ,got many problems and bla bla bla and at the same time you have to face with the person that have the same problem like you too.How do you feel?
1. Listen
An emotional people is exactly feel really down.They feel like want to die.They're not really sad and not too happy.They'll be happy when they want and they'll be sad when they really feel want to sad ,cry bla bla.What you have to do is ,just LISTEN.Listen all their problems and never cut their words.Never.When you do,you just add their problem and they become more depressed and will say that "You never understand me!" and you make things become more worse.
2. Don't expect them to feel better
"You look fine."
"No.You're good."
Never expect them to feel better because they never feel like want to feel better.They will not like anything when they're stress because for them when they're stress ,they will ignore everything and everything happen just like nothing for them.As I mentioned in number 1 ,just listen.Never talk or say ,"Heyy,it's ok ,you look fine."
According to Albert J.Bernstein , "pay less attention to what they feel and more to what they do" . Never think that ,ohh they will feel more better if I say ,"it's ok.You will feel more better" ,it doesn't work.Focus on what they will do not for what they feel for.
3. Think twice before you speak
1 is listen ,2 is never expect them to feel better and 3 is think some skills to make them happy.Might be you can't make them feel better but heyy doesn't mean you can't make them happy and forget their problems,right?Before that ,think before you make some jokes because sometimes they feel like nothing than just being sad sad and sad.Remembering her/him about best moments,happy moments that you both ever did.Like ,your happy holidays which she/he ever had .Or maybe funny moment which you falled on the floor that make her'him laugh.Never talk about embracing moment or perhaps you want to make things become more worse.

Sometimes,we feel like everything is just not going well,not the way like we want for,we feel like everything is just danggg.
They will say ,"they never care mine." *cry*
They will say , "they always ignore me." *cry*
They will say , "they never understand what I feel." *cry*
They will say , "You just dangg!!You don't understand me.You don't feel what I feel.Never know how hurts I've been through my life."
Perhaps some people will say I was not so care to them when they try to share some things but actually,I was not so good in advising others.But I always keep listening their story,their problems and bla bla.I just hear and I won't say and talk anything to them.Because for me,by listening their problem and know how hurts they feel ,I can make them out from the "trouble" they feel.If I can help them ,I will.But if I can't,I will just listen to their problems.

So guys,I think maybe it have been more than 10 minutes having membebel disini hahaha.sorry.So good luck facing these kind of person and hoping you'll be more understand them and don't ever make things become more worse.Have a great day.Salam ~

*pssstt belagak giloss aku speaking LONDON ..ehh Cullen's family gituu wakakaka :p


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